Methods to Prevent COVID-19 Spread at Home

stay home regulation

The situation becomes more complicated these days. The number of cases is increasing throughout time. According to a poll by, some states are considered anti-masks because they didn’t want to wear a mask when doing outdoor activities. One of the significant reasons is the lack of awareness to wear a mask every time we go out. However, this action couldn’t be a great solution anymore. Some regulations urge people to wear a mask even when they are at home.┬áRegarding this issue, people should be more aware of preventing this virus spread. Therefore, people could perform some preventive movements at home, such as performing the 3S method.

The 3S culture can allow you to enjoy the present moment by improving organization and cleanliness, reducing energy, and improving communication with band members. You’re likely to spend more hours with your loved ones at home, making it a potential “battle”. Use 5S to make sure your home is under control, and keep track of your precious supplies (especially cleaning and food). Below are the steps to reduce vulnerability to Covid-19.


Separate Your Needs

Maybe you store food that is no longer in good condition. Or maybe you store food in the main compartment that you don’t need now, but won’t need it for the next six months (like fondant for birthday cakes). If need be, take the opportunity to organize your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator to specify what is needed in the short term and store in the “hard to reach” areas what is not as often needed. It helps you become more organized and minimized some risks of this infectious virus spread. Therefore, you can stay at home without worrying a lot.

Store Daily Needs

Store items that have a short expiration date and need to be used sooner, closer to the door, or label them with obvious expiration dates or red tags. Sometimes you will find things in the refrigerator that could be stored and protected elsewhere. Evaluate your items so they are in the best place, taking into account how often they are used, who will use them, who won’t have access to them, and where is the safest place to keep quality intact. It gives you the ability to cook and define if refills are needed. It also helps everyone acquire the item in the future. However, please quantify before purchasing the bin to make it effective. During a massive virus outbreak, criteria can be more difficult than usual. Therefore, it would be best to prepare them before purchasing them.

Set a New Cleanliness Mindset

cleaning handsIt is essential to wash to maintain cleanliness and enjoy safe spaces for extended periods. Every member of the family should be aware of it. Involving everyone will help keep the activity going over time, and you may even want to assign area and shelf owners to oversee it from now on. Define cleaning applications, take before and after photos, and define cleaning standards. The standards don’t have to be big manuals; pictures, checklists, and visual management software like paint colors, clear containers, and posters are just reminders of what to do. Therefore, it is essential to have conscious of cleanliness is due in a large part of the environment, which is conducive to germs. Cleanliness, companionship, and admiration for others directly indicate decent health.

To reduce waste and improve cleaning consistently, you need to be very focused on the present moment. Turn off autopilot to find out where you keep your tools, how you keep your area perfectly clean, and to make sure you are respecting and caring for people, processes, and items such as machines, resources, or the land around you. It’s like practicing mindfulness in every action. However, you may think it’s unnecessary, but you take it as an opportunity to implement new habits at home that will help you keep your space under control. And you won’t be the only person who benefits. Therefore, you can contribute to reducing the Covid-19 spread, which starts from your home.

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