A Simple Guide for Cleaning Your Home

home cleaning

All people love their home clean. Some people can easily get the best Austin maid service to help them clean their home. However, for some others, we can’t afford a regular cleaning service to do the work for us. But there are several things we can do to get the look of a professionally cleaned home that is affordable and productive. Here are some tips from my cleaning adventures with a professional cleaning company that handles everything from apartments and single-family homes to multi-million dollar beach houses.


Start With Your Bedrooms and Living Areas

This is the order and approach to cleaning any home and not losing anything. When you work an area from top to bottom, left to right, it allows all the dust to settle and settle, then picks it up at the base instead of swirling around and doing more work for you. You will use this process in any bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Starting at the top, you’ll be dusting the corners, ceilings, and molding the cobwebs. This is the most fun part, as many people forget about these regions at the top, and you’ll feel a big difference when you see how much dust settles! Baseboards are just another place I’ve found that gets ignored, and it immediately makes a big difference in making the house feel much cleaner.

Continue to the Bathrooms

home cleaningThe first step in your bathroom, as we mentioned earlier, is dusting. After that, focus on the mirrors and some other glass surfaces using only a rag and glass cleaner. This includes glass windows and shower doors if you have them. I prefer a rag to paper towels because paper towels leave a lot of dust. Soak counters and sinks with a disinfectant cleaner for a moment to loosen sink debris so you don’t have to spend a lot of time emptying the sink.

Many people don’t pay attention to these areas, so there may be spills and toothpaste that weren’t noticed before. Finally, there is the bathroom area, which you can spray with a disinfectant cleaner. Let it boil and then wipe down each level. Fine You can also use the duster to reach hard-to-reach places that the vacuum cannot reach. Many people rarely clean their bath mats, so be sure to do so often.

Don’t Forget Your Kitchen

Along with your cleaning cloth is all you need to get a fantastic clean in most of your kitchen, even save money on spray cleaning. After moving, clean the cabinets along with your soapy cloth. This can significantly differ, especially on light-colored cabinets, although all fingerprints and stains are removed. Do the same for countertops and basic cabinets. As for appliances, how you clean them depends on the style.

If your refrigerator is made of stainless steel, you should use a special spray or cloth designed for this purpose. Otherwise, you can use soap and water. To finish the sink, drain it and then rinse it well with a little dishwashing liquid. Use Windex or even a granite glitter to make your counters sparkle. And finally, mop and vacuum. With these steps and a little practice, you can have a quick and easy routine to wash your home in no time completely.

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