Styling Your Home With Interior Designs


It is said that anything that is trending started with inexpensive things, and this is true for painted old furniture. Before, nobody wanted antique furniture, but they are salvaged for years for only a few dollars, and the unique interior design of some antique furniture matches the style of some homes. This is the reason why some designs are short-lived. Many people buy commercial LED festoon lighting ideas for the unique designs of their homes. Below are some of the interior designs that you can use to style your homes.

Shabby Chic

The shabby chic style is not husband nor family friendly because this style uses bright-colored paint. The furniture uses antique ones with a mix of floral designs, and the light colors on the walls are easily stained by unclean hands and were popular back in the 1990s. The only benefit of this style is the chalk-style paint is easy to be removed.

Industrial Farmhouse

living roomThe industrial farmhouse style is family-friendly for most houses, and we are seeing many people transitioning to the industrial farmhouse style in 2018 despite having fixer-upper in the previous season. Styling your home with this design needs materials, which is the last staple of an industrial farmhouse. It can also consist of having metal signage with a married couple’s wedding vows on it, and this style will be famous until after the Gaines Target line will come out. For years to come, you will see houses designed with burlap mixed in metal signs with mason jars placed around. While this sounds good to some, many would not prefer a theme of sameness.

Junk Gypsy

It is a style that has a specific name. It did originate from the shabby chic style. This style has a brave theme, like putting the bust on the Lady of Guadalupe’s headboard. Junk and antique items are used to style the house to make the interior design flashy and individual. It focuses on the creative side of women and combining it with bright colored walls.


The industrial style is born from old factories being turned into housing. The visible ductwork and brick walls are part of its signature look and more on functionality than style, which means this style will probably survive for several years. While this rugged style is functional, it is more focused on men because of its solid interior look of houses.

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